Immigrate to Canada from Australia

For Australians looking to explore the world, Canada has long been an attractive destination for travelling and vacationing. But Canada has also become one of the most popular countries for Australians who want to relocate.

Australia and Canada have a lot in common. As Commonwealth countries, they share a common history, language (English), and culture, as well as certain geographic and historical similarities, And while Canada is a natural travel destination for Australians because of our similarities, it’s also the differences between Canada and Australia that attracts more and more Australian immigrants with each passing year.

Canada’s multicultural makeup, bilingualism (English and French), progressive policies, national healthcare system, dynamic economy, internationally renowned universities, and vast expanses of rugged wilderness are deeply cherished by Canadians, so it comes as no surprise that they are appealing to Australians too!

If you are from Australia, moving to Canada is within your reach!

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