10 Great Reasons to Hire an Immigration Consultant in Canada

Do you want to immigrate to Canada on your own? Are you 100% sure you can navigate the rigorous process of Canadian Immigration requirements and policies? Certainly not! You need a guide. A professional guide will make the process smooth, and faster.

Canada is the most immigration destination in the world right now- amazing destination for people interested in immigrating to Canada for travel, business, work, or studies.

No matter where you come from or who you are, it is highly recommended you hire a professional immigration consultant in Canada, because you can’t compete with the current regulated information by the Canadian Immigration authorities and Canadian employers, without a professional assistance.

Why Do You Need A Professional Immigration Consultant?Man with blue shirt image

A professional immigration consultant gives advice and represents you in all Canadian Immigration matters ranging from individuals immigrating to Canada for work, travel, study or business, to corporations employing temporary foreign workers for their organizations in Canada.

An immigration expert will assess your suitability for immigration and advice on the best entry approach. Also, they help clients to prepare and submit applications with corresponding supporting documents. Finally, they will establish a constant communication link with government agencies throughout the visa application process.

Thus, paying a consultant to check your eligibility status and assist you throughout the process will be a good investment. Most people are denied Visas to Canada, while others incur additional charges and experience delays because they don’t understand and/ or abide by the strict immigration rules.

Thus, during your Canada Immigration process, you need an expert to prepare your visa applications in a professional, courteous manner. To get Visa to Canada, your visa application process must be carefully prepared and well-presented. This is the only way out.

Immigration to Canada involves several technicalities and details, thereby making the entire process quite complex. Immigration rules are always in a state of constant dynamism, and depend largely on the restrictions in place, aims and objectives of the government in power, but hiring an immigration consultant will be a step in the right direction, a perfect solution to your immigration story.

An immigration consultant will conduct a thorough research to determine whether you are eligible for a Visa or not. They will also inform you regarding essential documents required to complete your application. They will review your resume, and then offer best advice on the available employment opportunities in your area of expertise and preferred location.

Here are top 10 tested and proven reasons why you need to hire an immigration consultant in Canada:

  1. Understanding Regulations & Permits

Based on the immigrants’ circumstances and reasons for relocation, an application could be quite technical, time-consuming, detailed and extensive. Thus, you will need to meet acceptable standards, follow certain regulations and permits before you could be eligible to immigrate to Canada. Hiring an immigration consultant is key, because they are familiar with every new regulation, standards, and permits.

  1. Familiar with all Visas

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you will see that there are many available categories such as education, business immigration, skilled workers, spousal sponsorships, and lots more. An immigration consultant is familiar with all types of Visas.

Throughout the application process, an immigration consultant will provide you with all the help you need such as writing cover letter, writing your curriculum vitae, filling out your immigration form, getting all the necessary paperwork, preparing you for interview, and filling any gaps you may not be aware exists when organizing your own information.

An immigration consultant knows the technicalities involved in all these categories and will advice accordingly based on your specific situation.

An expert will deal with all the technical road blocks in the application process. At all times, they pay attention to detail, exercise patience when and where necessary and consistently act on your behalf. They will vigorously track your application and ensure that all your documents are up to date before submission.

If an issue arises due to an incomplete application process, documents, payments or processes, the immigration expert will sort these bottlenecks for you. If a visa official renders an unfavorable decision against your application, the professional immigration consultant will oversee the process of appeal. An appeal could range from compassionate to humanitarian considerations.

  1. Avoiding Costly Mistakes

After submitting your application, if the immigration authority has reservations or queries about your application, they will return it to you for clarification purposes.

Sometimes, applicants may be required to fill out a completely new application. Certainly, this initial costly mistake may delay the immigration process by months or even years, especially if it happens repeatedly. This may even require the applicant to pay additional fees. However, you can avoid all these by engaging a professional immigration consultant today.

Hiring a professional immigration consultant will enable you to complete the application process without mistakes, they will help you to fill the specific information that is required at every stage of the application, so that you won’t experience any hiccups down the line.

Also, when you are filling the application on your own, there is always the possibility that you will may make plenty avoidable mistakes. For example, along the line, you may get confused with the wordings or terminology of the application form and may subsequently apply under the wrong category.

These avoidable errors can ultimately incur financial costs on your part and may invariably lengthen the processing time. You can save yourself the burden of additional costs by hiring a professional immigration consultant.

  1. Familiar With The Ground Rules

The immigration process does not end after your application process is approved. To remain in Canada and transit to a citizen, you must follow certain ground rules and steps.

Working with an immigration consultant in Canada will guarantee that you are not breaking any rules or getting your permits revoked. They will be available to advise you properly on Canadian immigration process, by pointing out things you may not be aware. Working with a consultant can reduce the processing times for your Canadian Visa or Permanent residency (PR).

  1. Assist In Finding Work In Canada

Regardless of the type of job you want or where you come from, one of the biggest benefits of working with an immigration consultant is that they can help you to find work in Canada, when your application is approved. This can make your relocation story, living and working in Canada a unique experience.

Working with a seasoned immigration consultant can give you access to several employment opportunities and networks that other applicants may not be aware at that time. You may not be aware of certain job offers, if you are applying on your own. From start to finish, you need a professional by your side; this will also guarantee you, less stress and worry.

  1. Guaranteed Opportunities for Success

Hiring a professional immigration consultant in Canada will guarantee you more opportunities for all around success in Canada, than if you had tried applying on your own.

Working with an immigration consultant will give you peace of mind; you don’t have to worry about making mistakes on your application, because you have a competent guide, who will professionally walk you throughout the process.

  1. Verifies Documents

One wrong document on your visa application can stop you from immigrating to Canada. This means that your document must match the information provided. If they don’t match, then you may be at great risk- your visa will be denied or delayed as the case may be. Canadian Immigration authorities may declare you a fraud, and this is enough to prevent you from going to Canada forever.

Thus, an immigration consultant will verify your documents first and ensure that you submit error-free and required complete information.

  1. They Will Stand Up For You

An immigration consultant will stand up for you, especially when there are imminent challenges. They will be there for you, by making sure that your rights and privileges are duly protected. They will defend you, if any of the immigration officials try to interpret the law wrongly. They are not intimidated by any situation. Immigration consultants are courageous, straightforward and always courteously professional.

Immigration consultants maintain ease of communication with relevant authorities. They will always be willing to speak with you and on your behalf and provide the suitable answers to every question or query promptly.

If there are issues with your application, they know who to contact, and how to reach out to them for effective results. They are there for your success.

  1. They Protect Your Personal Information

Professional immigration consultants help you to ensure that your visa applications receive due attention; they provide personal attention and also protect your personal information.

Regardless of the technicalities or complex issues involved in your visa application, they will advice you and assist you accordingly.

Whether you are single, married, divorced, have children or dependents, change your occupation or change in your skill-set or change in an immigration policy; a professional immigration consultant in Canada will help you in evaluating how these changes may affect your application. They work with you to ensure you succeed 100%.  Overall success of your application is their utmost priority.

They uphold your privacy; for example, they are aware that information regarding your family, medical condition, employment status or legal records requires high level of confidentiality.  Thus, a professional immigration consultant will ensure your information is safe in their hands.

  1. Enable you follow Ethical Code of Conduct

An immigration consultant will help you to abide by all ethical code of conducts. This code involves ethical practices, quality service, confidentiality, professionalism and lots more.

When you violate any of these codes, it will be considered an act of insubordination or non-compliance. Thus, the law will take its course on the defaulter. Working with an immigration consultant by your side will help you to obey the rules and regulations of living and working in Canada.

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