Federal Skilled Trades

Express Entry

About the Fedearl Skilled Trades Program

This is exclusively for those that want to become permanent residents of Canada, because they are qualified in skilled trades.

Basic Requirements:

To be qualified, you must:

  • Have no plan to live in Quebec (Note: if you wish to live within the province of Quebec, then you should browse Quebec-selected skilled workers for further details)
  • Meet the basic levels in French or English for each language ability ( listening, writing, reading and writing)
  • Have a minimum of 2 years full-time work experience or its equivalence of part-time work experience within 5 years before your application.
  • Satisfies the job criteria as clearly stipulated in the National Occupational Classification.
  • Have a valid job offer for at least 1 year in that skilled trade or certificate of qualification issued by any of Canada’s territory or province.

Skilled Work Experience

Skilled trades that are qualified under this program are:

  • Major Group 72, construction trades, electrical and industrial.
  • Major Group 73, equipment and maintenance operation trades.
  • Major Group 82, technical jobs and supervisors in related production, natural resources and agriculture.
  • Major Group 92, central control operators, supervisors, utilities and manufacturing.
  • Minor Group 632, cooks and chefs, and
  • Minor Group 633, bakers and butchers.

These majors National Occupational Classification groups are subdivided into various occupations (all of them are NOC skill type B).

You need to certify that you have the experiences stipulated in the National Occupational Classification, if you are unable to show this, it means your application won’t be accepted.


Basically, there is no education requirement for this program. However, if you plan to earn points for your education, then you must obtain:

  • A Canadian post-secondary certification, degree or diploma.


  • A completed foreign academic credential, and
  • Educational Credential Assessment report from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This report shows that your foreign certification is equal to a completed Canadian high school certificate, diploma or degree.

Language Ability

You need to:

  • Meet the basic language level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 for reading and writing, Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for listening and speaking, as well as
  • Take an accredited language examination approved by CIC. This will show that you meet the basic requirements for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

You need to show that you meet these requirements, by putting your test results in English or French when filing the Express Entry Profile. The test results shouldn’t be more than 2 years old at the time of application for permanent residence.

If you live with a common-law partner or spouse, and the person meets the above requirements, then any of you can apply under the Express entry.

A common-law partner is described as someone that has lived with you in a conjugal union for at least 1 year. This refers to both same-sex or opposite-sex couples.

Find out whom among you is most suitable, and then he/ she can apply as the main person.

Other Requirements

  • You need to be admissible into the country
  • You must have no plan to live within Quebec

Assessment By The Province Or Territory

Most certainly, you have to go to the territory or province for your assessment. You must have an employer in Canada who will give you the necessary training and work experience.

You should browse through the website of the agency that is in charge of trade for the territory or province where you plan to live and work, and then adhere to their application process.

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