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The federal skilled workers category is a class of skilled workers, who may someday become permanent residents due to their economic establishments in Canada, and who would like to live and work in any province apart from Quebec.

The central intake office or Express Entry will assess your applications and determine whether your application should be approved or not.

Assess Your Eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Class

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The applicant’s work experience must be:

  • up to 1 year full-time or an equal amount of 1,560 hours part-time
  • a paid work ( unpaid internships, and volunteer work experience is not recognized in this category)
  • in the same job specification
  • at the skill type 0, A, or B of the 2011 NOC ( National Occupational Classification),
  • in the job for the past 10 years
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The applicant must be working at least 15 hours a week for the past 24 months (approximately 1,560 hours).


The applicant must be working up to 30 hours every week for the past 1 year in more than one job (approximately 1,560 hours)

You need to show that you performed all the duties stipulated in the National Occupational Classification (NOC). You will not be eligible under this program, if you are unable to prove that your work experience meets the basic requirements of NOC.

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  • The applicant must meet the required Canadian language Benchmark (CLB) 7
  • The applicant must participate in language assessment test organized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – this certifies that you meet the recommended level for listening, reading, writing and speaking.

While completing your Express Entry profile, you need to show that you meet the requirements in French or English. The test results must not be 2 years later than the day you submit your application for permanence residence.

Six Selection Factors | FAQ2021-12-15T18:18:07+00:00

If the applicant meets all the eligibility criteria set out in the minimum requirements, then the application would be assessed based on the selection factors namely:

  • your education
  • your age
  • your adaptability ( to know whether you are happy here)
  • your skills in French and/ or English- Canada’s two official languages
  • your work experience, and
  • whether you have a recognized job offer
Proof Of Funds | FAQ2021-12-15T18:17:17+00:00

You must show convincing evidence that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family when you arrive in Canada, unless you:

  • presently allowed to work in Canada
  • Have a recognized offer of employment from a Canadian employer.
Principal Applicant | FAQ2021-12-15T18:16:29+00:00

If you are living with your spouse or a common-law foreign national partner, and that person satisfies the above requirements, then both of you can decide who will apply as a principal applicant under Express Entry.

A common-law partner is someone that has lived with you in a conjugal union for a period of one year. This applies to both same-sex and opposite sex couples.

Take a look at the selection factor and determine who among you meets the eligibility requirements. He/she should go ahead and apply as the principal applicant.

Other Requirements – Page 22021-12-15T18:11:32+00:00
  • The applicant must be admissible to Canada. Browse about inadmissibility online.
  • You must not have any intention to live within the province of Quebec
  • If you have gained enough skilled work experience and wishes to live permanently in Canada, then use our ‘come to Canada tool’ to see if you are qualified for the Express Entry Pool.

All these factors are part of the 100-point grid used in assessing skilled workers. How well you do in each of these six factors will determine the point you will earn. The total points will show whether you qualify for the Express Entry Point or not. 67 points is the current pass mark.

Minimum Work Experience Eligibility Requirement

You must have at least one year of full-time work experience or its equivalent on part-time basis. This period of work experience must be in line with the National Occupational Classification system listed in:

  • Skill type 0 ( Managerial positions)
  • Skill A ( Professional occupations) or
  • Skill B ( skilled trades and technical occupations)

Your skilled work experience must:

  • Have occurred within the last ten years prior to the date of your application for permanent residence, and
  • Not be working on a job that is described as a restricted occupation

More so, during your employment period, you must have:

  • Carried out your work diligently in line with the occupational description of National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • Performed all the essential duties set out in the NOC

Basic Language Proficiency Requirement

You must show that you meet the CLB 7 level of language proficiency by submitting the test results of your English or French language assessments from a recognized testing organization during their application process.

The language tests must not be more than two years at the time of filing the permanent residence application.

Minimum Education Requirement

You must submit either your completed foreign educational credential or equivalency assessment or Canadian educational Credential (Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report) which is given by an approved assessment institution or organization. The equivalency assessment must not be up to 5 years old during the application process.

Additionally, you must have a completed Canadian secondary school credential or its equivalent in order to qualify for this.

Equivalency assessments (ECA reports) will be given to you as evidence that you have completed foreign certificates, credentials or diplomas. The ECA report will also involve an assessment report by the institution or organization of the authenticity of your foreign academic credential namely certificate, diploma or degree.

Only reports approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada designated institution or organization will be approved as an equivalency assessment under this program -Federal Skilled Workers (FSW).

As an applicant, you will be asked to submit your ECA reference number only, not the copy of your assessment. In your Express Entry Profile, you must declare whether you have gotten ECA for your foreign educational Credential or not. At the time of submitting your application for permanent residence, your ECA reports must not be more than 5 years old.

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