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Christopher Brown (RCIC, Director)

Christopher Brown, founder of Tudor House Immigration Services is a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member in good standing at ICCRC. Bringing over 20 years of experience to his role, Christopher leads strategic initiatives for our clients coming to Canada to live, work, visit and study. Christopher holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia. An advocate for newcomers to Canada, Christopher’s expertise in the field of Canadian Immigration has been recognized by many private and public organizations.

Christopher started his career as a high school teacher and worked extensively in the private and public school systems in BC. He was the founding teacher of the visionary Prep program of Shawnigan Lake School, one of Canada’s top independent boarding schools. In 2017, Christopher started Tudor House Immigration Services and is now one of the leading Canadian Immigration Consultants in BC. His client-centered model of consulting, which allows clients to connect virtually, has allowed Christopher to gain a large client base that extends all around the world. Christopher works exclusively for his clients, bringing with him extensive experience and a network of connections.

Phil Jarvis (International Educational Consultant)

Phil knows Canadian and American boarding schools very well as he was Admissions Director at Berkshire School in Massachusetts for 10 years, before having the honour of being the 12th Head of Berkshire. Prior to this experience in the United States, Phil had been Director of Admissions at Shawnigan Lake School, teacher at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg, and Guidance Director for St. Andrew’s School in Nassau, Bahamas.

In his recent career, Phil has combined work within schools along with his consultancy practice. Over the past ten years Phil was first a consultant to the Brentwood College advancement office, and then honoured to be Director of the Centennial for Shawnigan Lake School, Canada’s largest boarding school. This role ended in December 2016, and Phil’s major focus now is working with families to find the best school match for their child.

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Hassan Javaran (Business Development Consultant)

Hassan understands establishing businesses in new markets very well. As a business consultant, Hassan helps clients start and expand their business in the Canadian market. Having a background in economics, he has worked for both the public and private sectors prior to becoming a business consultant.

During his time working for the Netherlands’ foreign ministry, he has helped Dutch businesses enter new markets and gained valuable experience in government regulation and policymaking. Through this, he understands government officials’ perspectives and incorporates that into his work, especially regarding business immigration. He has also worked with firms in a wide range of industries from agri-food to construction and understands the needs of SME’s very well. He combines his academic background, work experience, and global mindset in his consultancy work to help clients start and manage successful businesses in Canada.

About Tudor House Immigration Services

Tudor House Immigration Services Inc. is a corporation registered in British Columbia. It  provides immigration services in accordance with the standards of the ICCRC. These services are done by a professional group of Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants, Education Consultants, and Settlement Providers located throughout British Columbia.

Services provided are confidential, integral and discrete, and are in accordance to the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics. Tudor House Immigration Services is not a a registered agent of the RCIC and does not take any remuneration for any referral.

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants

As required through Canadian Law, our immigration providers are fully licensed by the Canadian Regulatory Council of Immigration Consultants

Partnering with Us

If you wish to learn more about becoming an affiliate organization of Tudor House Immigration Services Inc., or partnering with us, please contact the company Director, Chris Brown at cbrown@tudorhouseconsulting.com

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Mr. Chris was very calm, cool, collected, and quite knowledgeable. In the face of my emotions over the purposes for my move, it was very much quite appreciated.

Yossi Z. Avatar
Yossi Z.

Had a discovery call with Chris Brown, he was very professional and provided me with all the information i needed as well detailed the process and next step in simple terms for me.

Richard L. Avatar
Richard L.

Chris was very friendly and professional. He was very helpful with all my queries and very understanding of my situation. Will definitely recommend working with him😊

jaskirat b. Avatar
jaskirat b.