Studying in British Columbia, Canada is a golden opportunity that can open doors to endless possibilities for you, and people around you. British Columbia is a small province that represents about 13% of Canada’s population.

However, it is home to over 72,000 international students drawn from virtually all the continents of the world. According to a recent statistics, about 25% of all international students in Canada are in British Columbia.

British Columbia is international student-friendly. Thus, it is not surprising why many people come here to study. British Columbia has globally acclaimed education system, stable economy and excellent quality of life. As an international student, you will have the rare privilege of working both during and at the completion of your academic studies.

Here are top 5 interesting reasons why British Columbia universities are more popular among foreign students:

Why you need to study in British Columbia today

Enviable natural beauty

British Columbia is serene, beautiful, and quite famous due to its natural beauty. It is truly a place to stay, whether you just want to come and study and go back to your country, or you want to study, live and work here after graduation. British Columbia is also one of the tourist’s destinations in the world- it has wonderful features and scenic views:

  • Unspoilt forests
  • Lots of study destinations ( High schools, colleges and universities)
  • 17,000 miles of coastline
  • Secure national parks
  • Beautiful mountains etc

Because of these features, you can easily see in British Columbia, most of the animal species that are rare in other parts of Canada including but not limited to mountain lions, wolves, grizzly bears etc.

Some tourists say that British Columbia is the most beautiful province in the country. Well, some people have tried to argument on this, but if you look around, you will see that British Columbia is particularly unique. It is carved out of:

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Valleys, and
  • Beautiful mountains.

Due to its untouched and rare beauty, it is ranked as one of the best student-friendly provinces in the world.

World- Class Education

If you are an international student in British Columbia, you will know the reason why Canada is adjudged one of the best global education systems. Most of the institutions in British Columbia have repeatedly won many global accolades.

Many of them provide various online and distance learning programmes both for onsite and online international students. The professors are well-trained with the relevant skills and competencies relevant to the course they are teaching.

If you want to acquire a strong academic excellence with sound morals, then gain an admission into any of the academic institutions in British Columbia. You will never regret doing so- you will be equipped with all the skills that will help you to live life to the fullest.

International Travel

If you are coming to Canada, and / or if you want to visit only one province in Canada, I will suggest you visit British Columbia. From here, you can travel to and from Canada to any part of the world you wish.

There are so many amazing transport services and international airports in this province. This helps international students to navigate from one big city to another at friendly rates.

British Columbia is also a wonderful base to explore some parts of the United States like Oregon, Washington DC, and Alaska, with attractive cross-country trains to Portland and Seattle.

There are over 500 archaeological and many national heritage sites in British Columbia. So, international students can explore these options and travel from one site to another. All these interesting sites will keep you glued to the province, and it is enough to make your stay truly engaging, peaceful and prosperous.

Also archaeological or research students will find British Columbia really interesting province to behold. You will have so many places to visit, and so many things to write about.

Amazing Career Opportunities upon Graduation

British Columbia is a perfect option for international students that would like to live and work here after their graduation.

If you want to start your career in an amazing way after graduation, then you need to come to British Columbia to study. Due to the sumptuous economic growth of the province, it is estimated that there will be about 32% more jobs by the year 2022.

If you have attended a course of study in any of the Canadian college or university, and you meet the basic requirements of the ‘Canadian Experience Class’. You can immigrate permanently to British Columbia, live and work there.

You can work in more than one job, if you are really skilful. Even before your graduation, as an international student, you can keep yourself busy with menial jobs. Through these jobs, you can be able to raise some money to pay bills like utility, tuition, etc.

Financial aid and Scholarships to International Students

You can achieve your dream of studying in British Columbia with financial assistance, scholarships, grants and student loans both from government of Canada or donor agencies.

When you get such loans or aids, you can be re-paying the bills gradually or you pay by the time you start working full-time after your graduation. Each of these financial aids and scholarships comes with their terms and conditions.

Even while you are still a student, you can help yourself with part-time jobs. Then during holidays, you can work full-time. Each institution in British Columbia offers detailed guide on applications, funding and how Canadian Education system works.

The good news is that with a student loan, you can study happily in British Columbia, graduate, live and work in Canada.

We hope this blog post was helpful? Tell us how you feel reading it. There are so many amazing things to say about British Columbia, we only tried to highlight few essential things a prospective international student need to know about this beautiful province!