Many international students love going to Canadian boarding schools for so many reasons. Sending your kids to a boarding school could be one of the game-changing decisions you can make today. Its benefits are always multiple.

A good boarding school with state-of-the-art boarding facilities can be a plus for your child’s integral development and future careers. Some of these boarding schools have diverse and international environments.

As a parent, one of the biggest decisions on behalf of your child today is selecting the right boarding school for him or her. It is your number one duty to educate yourself in the best possible way. When you select the right boarding institution, you will create a lasting impact on your child’s scholastic and social development.

Over the years, there have been debates whether students gain more from a boarding school or day institutions. Although, each of them have their own merits and demerits, I are proud to say that most parents opt to send their kids to boarding schools for so many obvious reasons.

Although, there are many viable options around the world, but many parents prefer Canada as the most effective destination for their child’s academic pursuits. In these preceding pages, we are going to look at reasons why most parents are comfortable with sending their kids to internationally acclaimed boarding schools in Canada.

Students from different cultural backgrounds have to come together to learn, network and resolve conflicts among themselves. Most times, you will discover that these kids appreciate more of their culture than they would have done at home.

High standard of Education

You can never compare the learning experience you gain from a boarding school than the one you will receive at a day school. In fact, I take pride to say that there is no basis for comparison.

Also, judging from the fact that most of these boarding programs are private establishments, they develop their curriculum at their pace – to suit each of the kids’ individual needs. They go the extra mile to satisfy the intellectual needs of the child, and will do everything to mitigate failure. In most cases, the parents may be asked to pay additional tuition when and where necessary.

More so, if your child is talented in any area, they can be trained in that specific field after the school’s normal academic activities. Obviously, when a student is in a boarding school, there are higher chances of hitting smaller class sizes, where they will benefit immensely from the teacher’s or tutor’s closer attention.

Great support with their homework

When a child is in a boarding school, they will be supported with their homework or assignments at every point in time. In most of these schools, their teachers are living with them, so they can approach them in and outside of the classroom. Most of the memorable learning for a child occurs outside of the classroom.

This is better compared to public day schools, where students have to do the homework from home without receiving adequate support from teachers where necessary. Thus, a boarding school is ideal for young students experiencing some difficulties in their academic pursuits.

Amazing extracurricular activities

Strong extracurricular activities are one of the greatest features students enjoy in a typical boarding school. It helps the students develop skills that will assist them in building up their curriculum vitae with regards to a later career choices and/or university applications.

During out-of-the-school time, boarding schools equip students with amazing sports and activities. This will help in furthering their social development and growth.

Another good thing is that these programs are supervised by globally acclaimed trained personalities who are skilled in helping the child discover, reach or fulfill their ultimate potentials. The extracurricular activities can assist the child to be a better leader tomorrow in the professional world.

Great connections with ivy-league universities

Most Canadian boarding schools have built strong connections with many globally acclaimed universities such as Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford. Furthermore, they provide alumni mentoring programmes so as to assist their students in choosing a suitable career path even after their graduation from the high school. In present day society, networking is gaining more momentum, so already having a good network as a result of where you did your high school is a huge plus.

High qualified teachers

Unlike Canadian public high schools, private high schools are not bound to provincial funding cuts and budgets. Because of this, they can employ the finest teachers they can find in their subjects and pay them well, so that they can deliver.

Also, statistics show that students receive more quality education from a private boarding setting than from a public high school.

Due to this, most boarding schools in Canada offer the best standard facilities and training for their students in music, sports, debating, drama etc. Their aim is to help the student develop huge interest in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to the best of their knowledge.

High ethical discipline

Most Canadian boarding schools instill high ethical discipline on their students. This helps both the teacher and students to blend- it will help the students to actualize their potential faster than they can ever imagine.

Equipping your child with high ethical standard is a good preparation for future challenges, especially in further academic progression. For example, the high institution where the child needs to be self-disciplined in order to succeed in their academic pursuits.

If a child develops passion for reading, writing and academic matters while in a boarding school, it will surely help him or her to be in a great advantage when they go to tertiary institution.

Most parents are deeply concerned of whether their children will receive the needed attention and supervision if they move to another country or province. However, Canadian boarding schools are reputable as one of the best places with monitored facilities around the world.

They are staffed with teachers and individuals, who are educated with strong moral principles, holistic and healthy approach to human development, servant leadership, and youth development. Thus, as a parent, you can be rest assured that your child will get the best level of care and skills that will make them to be better personalities.

Strong character development

Admittedly, it is not easy for kids to be in boarding school early in life, especially if they are not from Canada. But such decisions can help the child to build courage, determination and resilience – it will help the child make new friends and adapt to the new environment quickly, because they will spend more time networking with their friends and teachers in school than they would have done if they were to attend public school system.

Also, these kids develop more independence and self-reliance from their parents than they would have done if they were to be at home. This too helps them when they start their tertiary education, because they won’t see living apart from their parents during their university education as a big challenge, because they have been living separately without parental influence while they were in boarding school.

During their stay in boarding schools, students receive quality pastoral care and attention from experts, and this is sometimes unavailable in the tertiary institutions. Their transitions to the university would be smoother and more glorious than those who are just transiting from a day school to the tertiary institution.

Conflict resolution assistance and mentoring

In most Canadian boarding schools, students learn how to mediate and resolve conflicts among themselves. These schools employ are conflict resolution experts, who are there to interfere when and where it becomes necessary. This will equip your child with valuable skills in mediation – they will learn how to tolerate views and opinions amicably.

Strong addiction to academic pursuits

In Canadian boarding schools, boarders can focus on their academic pursuits without any distraction- they don’t have to spend a great deal of their time going and coming back from school daily, which will save them from dangers of accidents or traffic especially in large or metropolitan cities.

Boarding schools are one of the safest environments, where the child will stay and acquire the best academic knowledge, and skills. There are also a strong rules and regulations regarding smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

Time management skills

In private boarding schools, there are set times for every activities such as time for meals, time for sports, time for recreation, time for classes to mention but a few. This helps your to develop excellent time management and self-discipline. They will learn the importance of punctuality, which will help them to live better lives.

Since mothers aren’t there to take care for their school uniforms, students in boarding school make it a point of duty to be properly dressed and always have their school uniforms kept clean for the next day.

Limited class size

One of the greatest advantages of sending your child to a boarding school is due to the small average class sizes. Every parent wants to be sure that their children have quality access to their teachers as much as they can.

Registering your child to a private boarding school implies that they may likely be in a smaller class size of 8 to 16 people, compared to being in a class size of 24 to 35 in the public school system. Being in a smaller class size entails that your child will have the opportunity to network, learn and extract the best learning experience.

Developing a shared identity

Another advantage you will gain by sending your kids to a Canadian boarding school is that your child will develop a real sense of community living, or shared identity with his or her peers.

Some students who participate in residence programs will tell you some of the wonderful relationships and networking opportunities they have enjoyed by living with close friends in private boarding schools. This is good, owing to the fact that the school is not only a place the child goes to be educated, but also a place they go to be taught principles of homeliness.

When students are divided into dormitories or halls, they will share a common space with each other such as leisure paths, kitchens, rooms etc. These will help them to develop maximum respect for each other.

Each of the parties will be working to uphold the ideals of residential community living. The students will gradually develop lasting bonds which will follow them into their adult lives.


Living in a boarding school is a great opportunity for the child to develop sense of maturity, and valuable life skills that will help them to be great. Staying in environments far away from home will make the child to develop enviable leadership skills like self-confidence.

Sending your child to an internationally acclaimed boarding school in countries like Canada could surely be a life-changing decision you can ever make today. It will yield multiple dividends both to the child and entire family.

Be rest assured that your child is in a safe environment, where they will be trained to perform at an optimal level. Be hopeful that one day, your child will attend a top-ranked tertiary institution or pursue whatever passion they deemed necessary in their lives.