Studying in Canada can be a costly investment for any international student. In addition to the cost of living, students are asked to pay higher than average fees for post-secondary study programs. Please see the information provided below for an estimate of cost per program of study.

2017–2018 International Tuition Fees for Full-time Study 

Field of study grouping






Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies






Social and behavioural sciences



Law, legal professions and studies



Business management and public administration



Physical and life sciences and technologies $24,456 $13,730
 Mathematics, computer and information sciences $25,273 $13,067



Architecture and related technologies



Agriculture, natural resources and conservation








Not available







Veterinary medicine



Other health, parks, recreation and fitness




When you apply for a study permit, you will be asked to show you have enough money to support yourself while studying in Canada. This is usually around $5000 CAD per semester of study. Note that in many cases, you will be asked to show your funds for the entire duration of your semester or program (this is especially true for programs one-year in length. Therefore it is unrealistic to assume that just because you have paid your tuition fees, you will be issued a study permit.