How Many People Immigrate To Canada Each Year

Canada is reputed as the best destination for resettled refugees and immigrants from around the world. Canadian immigration rules are constantly changing; this is why it is important you always stay updated. 

Canada is well known for her positive attitude towards immigration. Canada’s economy relies majorly on immigration. Canada is targeting 411,000 new immigrants in 2022.  

As of 2021, there were about 8 million immigrants with Permanent residence status living and working in Canada- that is approximately 21.5% of the Canadian population. 

By the year 2030, immigrants will represent about 30% of Canada’s population, compared with the 21.5% in 2021. 

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Immigration in Canada addresses labor shortages in critical sectors like healthcare; immigrants make up 36% of physicians, 37% of pharmacists, 39% of dentists, 35% of nurse aides, 23% of registered nurses and related occupations. 

To drive her booming economy, support the aging population and enrich the society, Canada needs immigrants. One third of businesses in Canada are owned by immigrants. 


Where Do Most Of The Immigrants To Canada Come From?

Most of Canada’s top new immigrants are from the following countries:

  • India (32%) 
  • China (8%) 
  • Philippines (4.3%) 
  • Nigeria (3.8%)
  • France (3.2%)
  • United States (3%)
  • Brazil (2.9%)
  • Iran (2.8%)
  • South Korea (2.1%), and
  • Pakistan (2%).


How Many Immigrants Does Canada Want?

How Many Immigrants Does Canada Want

Canada increased her target to 432,000 immigrants in 2022. Canada has even raised the bar as she plans to welcome more immigrants by the years 2023 and 2024. Specifically under immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024, Canada plans to welcome 451,000 immigrants (the highest level in her history) in the year 2024.


Why Does Canada Need Immigrants?

Currently, Canada is experiencing low levels of unemployment, the lowest it has recorded since the 1970s. Canada needs immigrants because it is reputed as the world’s oldest population and birth rate is abysmally low, about 1.5 children per woman. Thus, there is a need to replace the 9 million workers that will retire by the year 2030. 

There are fewer Canadian-born citizens. Because of this, Canada relies on immigrants to work and pay taxes, which will support the aging population. The 2022 Federal Budget stipulates that healthcare spending is expected to rise in the coming years to about $56 billion in the year 2027. 

To ensure that Canada has a robust economy, immigration is vital, plus strong healthcare and social services that will be beneficial to all, including permanent residents.

The ultimate goal is to boost the Canadian economy, provide humanitarian services, and reunite families. Bridging this gap is the basis of the immigration levels plan. IRCC analyzes data such as:

  • Global circumstances 
  • Integration capacity 
  • Economic and labor force indicators 
  • Demographics, and 
  • Processing capacity.


Is It Difficult To Move To Canada?

Is It Difficult To Move To Canada

The Canadian environment is friendly to immigrants and provides several immigration programs. Thus, moving to Canada is easier for you to qualify for any of those immigration streams. 

However, to be eligible to immigrate, you need to meet the statutory requirements for the pathways. Living and working in Canada may be one of the best things that will happen to your life and career. 


What Kind Of Immigrants Does Canada Want?

Canada’s immigration system helps in:

  • Reuniting families
  • Boosting citizenships and
  • Welcoming immigrants from around the world.

Immigrants aid in addressing Canada’s labor shortages. Here are four most popular pathways for overseas applicants to Canada in 2022, going forward.

#1 – Express Entry

This is the fastest and most popular immigration program. Immigrants that applied through the Express Entry system can receive their permanent residence status in 6 months. Tudor House Immigration Services guides the world to Canada.  

Here are 3 streams of Express Entry system:

  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW).

Immigrating through the express entry involves submitting an online profile and increasing your ranking in the pool. 

The average cost of immigrating to Canada through the express Entry is about $4,500 CAD for a couple or $2,300 CAD for an individual applicant. This does not include the professional immigrant consultant fees and settlement funds which is part of the eligibility criteria. 

#2- Provincial Nominee Programs 

There are several nominee programs offered by Canada’s 3 territories and 10 provinces. Each of the provincial nominee programs has their own unique eligibility criteria and application processing time. 

When an applicant receives a nomination, they must apply to the federal government for a permanent residence. The cost of immigrating to Canada through PNP depends on the province. Some provinces don’t charge a fee to process Provincial Nominee Program applications, while others like Ontario charge up to #1,500 CAD. 

#3 – Business Immigration

If you own a business or have experience in managing a business, the best way to immigrate to Canada could be through a provincial or federal business immigration program. 

This is a federal immigration program for individuals that want to startup or become self-employed in Canada. To become eligible for this program, you need to make a significant investment in the company you want to start. The amount depends on the program you are interested in. 

#4 – Sponsorship 

If your spouse, child, grandchild, common law partner, or family member is a citizen of Canada, then family sponsorship may be the fastest way for you to immigrate to Canada. 

There are several immigration programs that give citizens or permanent residents the opportunity to bring their family members to Canada. The processing time and fees will depend on the family member that is sponsoring you. Typically, family and spousal sponsorship Canada applications take about 12 months to process. Tudor House Immigration Services will help you to begin a new life in Canada with your common law partner, conjugal partner, or spouse.  


What Are The Statutory Requirements To Immigrate To Canada?

Each immigration program has their own eligibility criteria. Thus, it is crucial you verify your eligibility before you apply. When submitting your application, the Canadian government will check some documentations to verify your:

  • Work experience 
  • Education 
  • Identity 
  • Criminal and medical background.

The type of required documents will depend on the program you are applying to. Immigrating to Canada involves several processes, but the end result is worth it. 


Do You Want To Immigrate To Canada?

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