New Immigration Rules Canada

Canada is a top destination for refugees and immigrants. Her well-regulated and open immigration policy is topnotch. Canada has built an amazing reputation for valuing multiculturalism and welcoming immigrants across the world. About one-fifth of Canada’s population is foreign nationals. Immigrants are helping Canada to boost her demographics and economic development. 

Canada Immigration rules are always changing periodically; this is why it is important you stay updated. If you are planning to relocate to Canada, then you need to be aware of the new guidelines to follow, especially changes due to Covid-19 travel restrictions etc. This will help in streamlining your immigration process and permanent residency.  

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Why Canada Needs Immigrants

Yes, to keep her economy strong, Canada welcomes high levels of immigration each year. Canada has one of the lowest birth rates and world’s oldest populations. This creates fiscal and economic procedures. Since late 1980s till date, Canada has been increasing her economic growth, labor force and rate of population. 

Canada needs to raise the taxes to meet social spending services such as healthcare, education and living standards of residents. Thus, her immigration rate now stands around 1.1%. Canada welcomes more immigrants three times on a per capital basis more than the United States. Based on this immigration trend and demographic realities, immigrants will continue to treasure Canadian life. 


Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

There are plenty reasons to immigrate to Canada right away. 

Here are top 7 reasons:

  • Canada promotes multiculturalism and embraces immigrants.
  • The quality of life in Canada is top notch; cost of living in Canada is cheaper than the United States. 
  • Canada prides in exotic, spectacular vacation spots like Jasper National Park, Niagara Falls, Banff, beautiful mountains etc. 
  • Canada is the second safest country in the world, according to Daily Hive, a trusted portal. Canada enjoys lowest crime rate. 
  • Canadian Immigration Policy is welcomed by government, locals and immigrants. 
  • Canada has a thriving economy; her unemployment rate stands at about 6.5% according to World Population Review 2021. Canada ranks #9 in gross domestic products leaving behind bigger countries like Brazil, Australia, Korea, Russia and lots more. Canada is thriving in service industries like (tourism, retail services, banking, construction, education, healthcare, transportation etc), manufacturing (aerospace technology, high technology equipment, food, clothing, machinery etc), natural resources industries (agriculture, mining, fishing, forestry, energy etc). 
  • Canada’s quality of education is superlatively amazing; education is one of the top reasons why people immigrate to Canada. Canadian education is equivalent to the standards of education in the United States of America, Australia, and United Kingdom etc. 


Canada New Immigration Policy

Each year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada releases immigration policies which guides its operations. 

In 2021, Canada granted about 401,000 foreign nationals permanent residency, the highest number in more than a century. 

Greater percentage of these skilled immigrants and professionals came from India. In 2022, Canada plans to welcome 411,000 new permanent residents. Ontario is the leading destination for immigrants. About 49% of immigrants in 2021, settled around Canada’s largest city, Toronto. 

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What Is The New Policy For Canadian Immigration?

The new immigration policy states that with effect from April 1, 2022, fully vaccinated Canadian travelers, by air, water or land are no longer required to undergo pre-test for Covid-19. Between 2022- 24, IRCC plans to welcome:

  • 431,645 new Permanent residents in 2022 ( in the earlier plan, it was 411,000), 
  • 447,055 in 2023 and
  • 451,000 in 2024.

By the end of 2024, the Canadian Government plans to invite approximately 1.5 million new permanent residents. 

With effect from November 23, 2022, College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) will replace Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) as the official new regulator for Canadian Immigration. 

Economic immigration is the main driver of Canada’s immigration program. The following economic Immigration programs are included in the Multi- Year Immigration levels plan: 

  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC); managed by the Express Entry System. This program welcomes new graduates of Canadian educational institutions and foreign workers with Canadian working experience. 
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC); this is a program for foreign workers with specialties in a skilled trade. 
  • The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program; this is an Express Entry program for immigrants with work experience, requisite education, proficiency in French and/ or English, and other relevant skills they need to live in Canada. 
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP); this program allows designated Atlantic employers to hire and recruit International Graduates or foreign skilled workers in the Atlantic Canada region  (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador). 
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP); this program allows participating territories and provinces to qualified candidates for Canadian Permanent residence.
  • Federal Business (Self-Employed Person and Startup Visa Program); this program allows foreign workers who meet eligibility criteria the opportunity to run pre-existing or new businesses in Canada. 
  • Caregivers Program; this program allows foreign nations caring for people with high medical conditions and children to apply for Canadian Permanent residence. 

Bilingual Candidates or Immigrants with French language skills (who can read, write and Speak French) have higher changes of obtaining Canadian Permanent residence. Thus, fluency in English and French will add more points to your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). 


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Is There Any Changes In Immigration Law Canada?

The Canadian government proposed some changes in the Express Entry system, which will allow immigration Minister to invite immigrants based on economic goal. Thus, candidates will be invited based on:

  • Education 
  • Language and 
  • Occupation 

This will help in addressing Canada’s labor shortages. 


What Is The New Rule For PR In Canada?

Toronto city

As stated above, between 2022 to 2024, the Canadian Government plans to invite approximately 1.5 million new permanent residents. That is:

  • 431, 645 Permanent residents in 2022
  • 447,055 Permanent residents in 2023, and 
  • 451,000 Permanent residents in 2024.

According to the Canadian Immigration Minister, the reason for this new level is aimed at recruiting qualified people that will boost Canadian economy as well as address labor deficiency and demographic issues. 


Will TR to PR Open Again In 2022

No! But Immigration Minister confirms an excellent news is on the way!  

TR to PR won’t open again in 2022. TR to PR was a temporary Program created in 2021 by IRCC to convert temporary residents to Permanent residence. Many immigrants loved this program, because it was an easy access to get Canadian Permanent residence status quickly. 

Thus, there is a similar program coming up soon. Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser has confirmed he is working on a faster route to Permanent residency for Canadian temporary residents. Fraser says this will fast-track the process of turning newcomers under temporary permits to permanent residents. 

In a recent interview with CBC’s The House, he confirmed that he is working on a 120-day timeline set by the Parliaments. 

The best time to immigrate to Canada is now!


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