What Is An Intra Company Transfer?

The International Mobility Program (IMP) gives skilled foreign nationals the privilege to temporarily relocate to Canada as an intra-company transferee (ICT).  As a skilled worker, this is a great opportunity for you to relocate, settle, and live permanently in Canada

If a foreign company has a location (parent, affiliate, subsidiary or branch) in Canada, that company can transfer their workers to Canada whenever the need arises. Employers bringing their foreign workers to Canada as intra-company transferees provide significant economic benefit to Canada. These intra-company transferees can come from any country of the world. 

Under this pathway, the employees must be willing to transfer their skills, experience, competence, credibility and expertise to running the parent, subsidiary or branch in Canada. 

Intra Company Transfer visa shares some form of similarity with United Kingdom’s sole representative visa or United States L-1 visa, which allows highly skilled professionals from overseas to transfer to their countries. The foreign worker will be issued with a work permit, 5 years for specialized knowledge workers and 7 years for senior managers and executives. 

After getting the work permit, the applicant may apply for permanent residency to Canada along with their dependents.

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Who Can Apply for an Intra-Company Transfer Canadian Visa?

The following skilled workers are eligible to apply for ICT Canadian Visa:

  • Specialized knowledge workers
  • Senior managers and
  • Executives

Benefits of a Canada Intra-Company Transfer Visa

  • High-skilled professionals can use this intra-company transfer pathway to relocate, settle and live in Canada.
  • You can be transferred to a branch or parent company in Canada.
  • Applicants can be eligible to work permit with LMIA (labour market impact assessment) exemption, thereby making the entire process less stringent and faster.
  • Your spouse will also receive an open work permit.
  • Canada intra-company transfer visa is one of the swiftest pathways to receive Canadian residency, after obtaining the necessary CRS (comprehensive ranking system) points.
  • You can obtain provincial health coverage for your family plus free education facilities for your children.
  • You can get unconditional Canadian citizenship and other Canadian residency benefits.

What Are The Canada Intra-Company Transfer Requirements?

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To qualify for Canada Intra-company transfer visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are a current employee of an international company and seeking entry to Canada, to work in a branch, subsidiary, parent, or affiliate of that company.
  • You are being transferred to a company that has an established relationship and will be bringing your talents, skills, and competencies to the continued existence of that company.
  • You are being transferred to an executive, senior managerial or specialized position of that company.
  • You are coming to Canada to work either in a temporary or full time capacity.
  • You ticked all the immigration requirements for temporary entry to Canada.

What are Canada Intra Company Documentation Requirements?

  • The employer must prove that the foreign worker is currently employed by a multinational corporation outside Canada and seeking to work in a parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate of that company in Canada.
  • The employer must confirm the high-skilled foreign national has been employed either by contract or payroll full time or in a similar full-time capacity by the company outside Canada, for at least one year.
  • The applicant’s position must be outlined in a managerial or executive or one involving specialized knowledge (job description, title, position, and place in the company).
  • You must prove that the foreign national has evidence of the ‘specialized knowledge’ and that the opening in Canada requires such knowledge.
  • You must show a tangible proof between the Canadian and the foreign company that wants to make the transfer.

What Is the Work Permit Duration?

The foreign worker is usually granted a 1-year work permit. In some cases, the IRCC may issue a 2 years’ work permit, provided that the company in Canada is an affiliate, subsidiary or parent of the established foreign company.

The work permit is renewed; it can be renewed several times, provided all the requirements of the program are fulfilled such as having an office in Canadian soil, employing at least 1 staff member, who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and having an active business both in Canada and in the foreign country.

What Does It Take To Get an Intra Company Transfer Canadian Visa?

It takes an average of 2 to 10 weeks to process an intra-company transfer. There are priority processing options (available only for visa-exempt countries). Those who qualify for this type of visa, will get their intra-company transfer visas within 2 weeks (biometric processing is not included in the 2 weeks).

How long is the ICT Visa Valid?

The intra company transfer visa is valid for 1 year. If the skilled worker wants to renew the work permit through the ICT, then you must provide evidence that:

  • The foreign and Canadian companies have an existing relationship.
  • The new office has been deeply engaged with the provision of goods and services in the last 1 year.
  • The new office has a staff.

How to apply for ICT International Work Permit

A foreign worker from visa-exempt countries can apply for an intra-company transfer work permit at the port of entry.  Others should apply online.

Canada Intra-Company Transfer Rules

As a transferee or foreign national, at the time of the transfer, you must be working for a foreign company, no breaks in employment on a full time capacity of at least 30 hours per week, for at least one year. 

 The only positions that are eligible for Intra- Company Transfer Visa are senior managers, executives, specialized knowledge workers and functional managers. They will be transferred in similar capacity to Canada. 

The following will be used to prove the employment eligibility for Canada intra-company transfer visa; pay stubs, a work reference letter, shareholder certificates, dividend payment and other relevant documents. 

The foreign company or employers must be a legal entity doing business both in Canada and elsewhere; they must be doing business systematically, regularly, and consistently providing goods and services to the public for at least one year and a half or longer. The corporation’s activity can be proved by providing its business tax returns, articles of incorporation, license to do business, partnership agreements, profit and loss statements etc. 

The Canadian company must be a legal entity doing business or will be providing goods and services to the public. This means that senior managers, executives and specialized knowledge workers can be transferred to establish operations.

 The following supporting documents must be provided to prove the start-up nature of the company; articles of provincial or federal incorporation, statement from a Canadian bank proving that the company has up to $100,000 to cover lease agreement, start-up expenses, and lots more. 

There must be a qualifying relationship between the Canadian entities and the foreign company; must be either a branch, subsidiary, affiliate or parent relationship. For example, if the Canadian corporation is a subsidiary, the foreign company either owns 50% of its shares, or possibly less than 50% share capital. 

 An affiliate company is a foreign company that is both owned by an individual, group of persons or another company. A Canadian branch means an operating office or division of the same foreign corporation housed in a different location. 

Can Intra Company Transferees Apply For Permanent Residency In Canada?

Yes, the foreign worker who is seeking entry in Canada under the intra company transfer can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

What Are The Investment And Fees For Intra Company Transfer To Canada?

Generally, a company must show proof that they have around $100,000 to $150,000 to invest in Canadian operations (to cover basic company expenses such as first year salaries, office rent, marketing, procurement etc). 

The funds can either be raised internally or externally. Owners of these corporations may be required to show evidence of their personal savings. 

The fees will include:

  • Business Plan preparation
  • Work permit fee
  • Employer Compliance fee
  • Biometrics (where applicable)
  • Legal fees and lots more.

What Happens If The Canadian Corporation Is Not Profitable Within The First Year?

There is no legal requirement that the Canadian company must be profitable. However, the company must be fully engaged with providing goods and services to her customers in Canada or overseas.

 Also, the company must have an office space or warehouse in Canada and must also employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Am I Allowed To Work For Another Corporation / Employer With an ICT Visa?

No. You are not allowed to work for another employer or company while holding an ICT work permit, because it is a closed work permit. More so, depending on the nature of your business, your employer or company in Canada can provide goods and services to clients in Canada and around the world.

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