What is Express Entry?


Express Entry was first launched in Canada in 2015. It is the fastest, quickest and most popular route to Permanent residence for qualified Immigrants seeking to relocate and live permanently in Canada. Every year, Canada welcomes over 100,000 skilled workers through the Express Entry Pathway. 

 Living and working in Canada is a great opportunity for many immigrants. Canada is a beautiful and conducive country for tens of thousands of people seeking for an incomparable quality of life. 


Tudor House Immigration Consultant, a professionally regulated Canadian Immigration Consulting organization with specialties in Permanent Residence / Citizenship, Family Sponsorship, LMIA / Work permits, Business Immigration, Study permits, Express Entry / PNPs, Visitor Visas and lots more, will meet your immigration goals by providing you with reliable, trusted, and fair consulting and representation, delivered in a courteous manner.  

This resourceful guide will help you to understand if Express Entry is the best for you and your family to live and settle permanently in Canada. 

Eligible candidates are invited to apply for Canadian Permanent resident status. Candidates are ranked based on a number of factors or entry eligibility such as:

  • Age 
  • Language proficiency (French and/ or English) 
  • Educational experience 
  • Canadian work experience, and 
  • Foreign work experience. 


What Is Express Entry Canada?

This is a highly competitive application management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to process applications through any of the three federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers namely:

Under Express Entry, individuals and families can achieve their dreams of becoming of permanent residents in Canada within a few months. 


Is Express Entry same as PR?

Express Entry is an online application system under which individuals and families can apply for permanent residence under any of the three federal programs. While creating your online Express Entry profile, your information will be used to determine both your Express Entry Points and eligibility on any of those three programs. 

For example, the system will require you to state how much money you will bring to Canada, because the federal skilled workers program requires that some of the applicants must have sufficient funds to settle in Canada. 

Regardless of your excellent English skills and advanced education, if you have less than the required funds, you won’t be eligible for the federal skilled workers program.

 This is basically the reason why most people do not qualify into the Express Entry Pool. Thus, you will enter into the pool as long as you meet the requirement for any of the three immigration systems for permanent residence. 

Permanent residence is not Express Entry. A permanent resident is a non- Canadian citizen, who has received permanent resident status by relocating to Canada. Someone who lives and works in Canada temporarily like a foreign worker or student is not a permanent resident.  


How Long The Express Entry Takes? 

From submission of Express Entry form to the issuance of PR visa, can take a minimum of six months to process. Furthermore, it is important to note that your Express Entry Profile will remain valid in the pool for about 12 months.

 If you did not receive any invitation to apply after 12 months, you are invited to resubmit your profile and remain active in the pool. 

Upon the issuance of your invitation to apply (ITA), you will be required to provide the requested application within 60 days. Upon the completion and submission of your application, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will process your application in about six months.

For eligible candidates who receive an invitation to apply, and quickly submit their completed application, the entire process may take less than six months. It is also important to note that the following variables may extend the timeline:

  • While some eligible candidates are invited to apply after entering the Express Entry Pool, others depending on their CRS score may receive an invitation to apply after a few months or not at all. 
  • Some invited candidates may be available to apply for immigration to Canada immediately after they were invited, while others may apply after the 60 days allotted.
  • Although IRCC aims at processing every application within six months, some applications may take longer, while decisions on other applications may take six months or less. 


Can My Family Relocate With Me Under Express Entry?

Yes, 100% Possible. Your family- spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, and common-law partner’s dependent children can relocate with you under Express Entry. 

If your Visa application is successful, your accompanying family members will also receive permanent residence status.


Can I Apply Express Entry Outside Canada?

Yes, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada continue to accept Express Entry from people living outside Canada. IRCC may invite more candidates from overseas at any time to apply. 


Do I Need To Hire Immigration Consultant For Express Entry?

Yes, hiring a seasoned, tested and proven immigration consultants like Tudor House Immigration services will be greatly beneficial to you. Hiring them can maximize your chances of succeeding under Express Entry.

They will walk you through the entire process in a seamless, courteous manner, from submitting your profile, to preparing your PR application after you have received your ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residence. 

It is the job of the immigration consultant to ensure you do not any mistake or misrepresent your Canadian immigration application process. Our years of experience in serving global clients speak volumes. 


What Are The Requested Documents For Permanence Residence?

If you receive your invitation to apply, you will need to provide Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada with the following requested documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Language test results 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  •  Medicals 
  • Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) etc.

Whether you are outside or currently in Canada, it is important you have a knowledgeable and experienced Immigration consultant when you are interacting with immigration authorities. This will guarantee successful results. 

Tudor House Immigration Services, keeps up to date with the latest developments in Canadian immigration policies, rules, laws, and procedures for processing Express Entry and various immigration applications. They have the capacity to prepare and submit a professional application on your behalf. 


Why We Are the Best

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We are here to ensure you succeed from start to completion. Together, we can make your dream of relocating to Canada a reality. Immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry pathway is a complex, and highly detailed process. However, it s well worth in the end. 

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