What if there were alternative ways to gain permanent residence in Canada?

Often it is the case that many would-be immigrants to Canada can’t secure permanent residence because they fail to meet the minimum requirements for entry into the economic immigration streams. For example, it is not far fetched to consider that a skilled, educated, English-speaking candidate might not meet the 67 points needed to enter the Federal Skilled Worker Class. This can be somewhat heart-breaking for many people who have dreams of establishing a life in Canada. But there are some ways around this. Here’s one.

It is becoming common-place for many non-residents to come over as students. It happens most often at the graduate level of study. What are the benefits of this route? Basically, if you register in a minimum 1 year post-secondary program in Canada, you will qualify for an open work permit at the end of the road. This is a golden ticket for most people, because it gives an opportunity to earn the minimum 12 months skilled work experience to apply for PR. Furthermore, if you come over as a student with your family, your spouse will automatically qualify for a work permit while you study.

There are some basic guidelines to follow if you choose this route. First, it is essential you choose a program, or school that is eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit Program. There is a list of them here.

Second, the open work permit, which is the “holy grail” of this chosen path, is issued on a 1, 2 or 3 year term. To get the maximum term, you need to be enrolled in a minimum 2 year program. When you are selecting schools, it is best to choose programs that are 2 years in length.

Once you have found your school and program to apply to, the best route is to take advantage of the opportunity and polish your English skills. Scoring higher on an IELTS test will increase your point level on the Express Entry selection criteria.

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