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Visit Canada

A visitor is someone who is in Canada lawfully but he or she is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident. Such people usually visit Canada as tourist to enjoy the magnificent sites and attractions that Canada has to offer or to visit family members and friends. Visitors to Canada must apply for and obtain a visitor’s visas before setting foot into the country.

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Study in Canada

Canada has close to 300,000 international students undertaking their studies in the country. This represents a significant increase to the figures posted last year and this is testament to the quality of education offered by learning institutions in Canada. Canada is home to 21 of the leading 500 universities in the world.

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Work in Canada

Working in Canada is a privilege for many people who come to Canada. Canada offers many opportunities for qualified workers. Working conditions in Canada are among the best in the world. Working in Canada can lead to opportunities such as permanent residence. Many students who come to Canada to study stay after to look for work.

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International Experience Canada (IEC)

Professionals from other countries have the chance to travel and experience the Canadian culture through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. In this program, a foreign corporation may enter into a bilateral agreement with a Canadian firm and send its workers over to Canada to gain valuable work experience. Students seeking international internships also qualify for this program.

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Temporary Work Permit

Thousands of foreigners enter Canada every year seeking employment opportunities. These people contribute to the growth of Canada through payment of taxes and levies. If you are yet to obtain Canada citizenship or permanent residence status, you need to apply for a Temporary Work Permit to qualify to work as a foreigner.

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